Opel Omega

since 1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel Omega
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Repair of engines
+ 4. Heating system and ventilation
+ 5. Fuel, exhaust systems
+ 6. System of start of the engine
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Coupling
+ 9. Transmissions
+ 10. Main transfer, semi-axes
- 11. Brake system
   11.1. Technical characteristics
   11.2. Brake overlays of forward brakes
   11.3. Brake overlays of back brakes
   11.4. Support of a forward brake
   11.5. Support of a back brake
   11.6. Brake disk
   11.7. Brake shoes of the hand brake
   11.8. Rope of the hand brake
   11.9. Lever of the hand brake
   11.10. Main brake cylinder
   11.11. Tank of brake liquid and sensor of level of liquid
   11.12. Pumping of brake system
   11.13. Hydraulic tubes and hoses
   11.14. Vacuum hose and valve of the vacuum amplifier of brakes
   11.15. Vacuum amplifier
   11.16. Brake pedal
   11.17. System of anti-blocking of brakes / protivobuksovochny system
+ 12. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Body electric equipment

11.6. Brake disk


1. Check reliability of an inhaling of the fixing screw of a disk. Rotating a disk, examine it on existence of deep scratches or flutes. If they are present, the surface of a disk is necessary for grinding.
2. Check size of palpation of a brake disk.
3. Check thickness of a brake disk in several points by means of a micrometer. If the brake disk demands replacement, it is necessary to replace a brake disk of other wheel also.


1. Remove brake slips and a brake support.
2. For removal of a brake disk of a forward wheel turn off the fixing screw.
3. Remove a forward brake disk.
4. For removal of a brake disk of a back wheel turn off the adjusting screw of the hand brake, turn off fixing screws.
5. Remove a back brake disk.


Installation is carried out to sequences, return to removal.